Job Site Secrets

10X Sales.
Defend Your Spec.
Become the Undisputed Leader in Your Segment. 

Carolina Albano

Leverage Job Site Visits, Now

Are you a building product sales person who is tired of chasing architects only to lose the spec during value engineering?

Are you afraid to visit job sites because you don’t have the background, confidence or technical knowledge?

Are you unsure how to de-escalate conflicts that pop up relating to your product on a job site?

Architects have less and less influence over specs these days.

How Can You Get Closer to the Project?




Job Site Secrets, a program to help you 10X your close rate, defend your spec, and attract more of the right clients and projects. 


This course is for building product sales reps who want to stop losing specs to the competition, who want to dramatically improve close rate and become an authority in their product segment.

Most courses in the build and design space serve architects, designers and the marketing team, but this course is built specifically to serve YOU, the building product sales rep.

I know you may be thinking, “but by the time there is a job site we’ve already been VE’d out!,” or

maybe you’re thinking you have not got the first clue what to do, or say when you get there, and that’s what this course will solve for you, and more.

And the reality is if you know when to go, who to talk to, what to say and what questions to ask it is never too late. An you can turn every site visit into an opportunity to expand the spec, get exclusives on new projects that your competitors may have not even have hear of it. Sometimes bypassing the architect completely.


Inside this course, you will find...

The Mindset

The mental models, character traits, goals and plan for your job site visit domination.

The Physical

What to know before you go, site layouts, what to wear, do, say and ask when you're there. Including capturing photo/video to implement in social media strategy.

The Psychological

Negotiation skills, mediation, and methodologies to de-escalate conflict, as well as a deep understanding of each of the personas you meet and how to get the most of those relationships.

Sales Playbook +

With each module you will construct a solid sales playbook to implement as you go along.

The Technical

We'll cover construction drawings, master specs and bid sets and make it relevant to you.

Personal Touch

1:1 and Group Calls to answer homework questions and help you apply this to your very specific product segment.


Most frequent questions and answers

Carolina Albano, our founder, is a mechanical engineer who has trained thousands of installers and end users in the ways of facades.

After 13 years of going to job sites, mostly to help solve problems for contractors and clients, she realized the secret to crossing over to sales and crushing it lies in knowing HOW TO JOB SITE.

If you’re part of our June 21st course offering, you will be a founding member!

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The pandemic is over, construction never stopped. This is the time to get the skills you need to stand out in your field.

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The videos are delivered on Teachable and pre-recorded so you can watch at your own convenience. To make the course relevant to your product segment, there will be worksheets, fun sheets, homework and weekly, 30-minute 1:1 CALLS with Carolina. This is where the REAL value of the course is. 

The content is delivered in 4 modules, released at the beginning of each week. 

Count on dedicating at least 2 hours per week to this class.

There will be homework and accountability steps to fulfill.

We want you to have results right away!

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